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Cruise for Free

August 1, 2018

I spotted an announcement for all kinds of free cruses in NYC on a day I had evening plans in the city.  Is free too good to be true?  Would it be a quality experience?  

It didn't disappoint.  It was moderated ny an official NYC guide and representatives from the Waterfront Alliance.  It was a beautiful day to see area of Brooklyn I had previously seen from the road.

Most of the passengers were from NYC and like me, were curious about this tour that would take us to the Gowns and back....

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Around the Corner

August 31, 2018

I'm a regular at a weekly event where I connect with local farmers, entrepreneur, visual artists and musicians.  Here I network, enjoy a farm to table lunch, learn new things and meet new people,  I spend a quality hour and return to my day armed with fresh fruits and vegetables and exceptional experiences.

i learn about positive things going on, develop relationships with vendors and cross paths with interesting people and ideas.  It's never the same two visits in a row and I love it that...

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